We've collected some commonly asked questions about the biotikur 14-day regimen. If you have further questions, please write to ♥


During the regimen:


Which sensations are normal to feel? 

It’s normal to experience some initial digestive discomfort, including gas, bloating, and sensing things moving faster or slower through your gut. These symptoms should subside after 2-3 days, and may reappear briefly when the prebiotic dosage increases at the start of week 2.


What if I miss a day/step? 

If you forget one step or even miss a whole day, just continue with the normal schedule. Do not take extra to “catch up” (as this may cause digestive discomfort). 


What if I miss a day of microsurveys? 

If you remember within 24 hours and you can accurately remember the relevant answers, please complete the survey retroactively. If it is longer than that or you can no longer accurately remember, please skip and continue with the next microsurvey.


What if I get sick during the two weeks? 

If you get sick during the regimen, please consult your doctor who can help you make an informed decision about taking probiotics during your illness. Probiotics support the immune system, and in some studies, have been shown to reduce symptoms and recovery times. However, only your doctor can help you make an informed decision about continuing the regimen during your particular illness.


Can I use it on my period? 

Yes, but some people experience stronger digestive symptoms around this time. Listen to your body and apply the suppositories at a time and in a setting that feels most comfortable for you while maintaining the regimen.


    Can I have (anal) sex while using this? 

    Not immediately after you put in the suppository. Wait 10 minutes before sexual activity in order to maximize absorption. Douching soon after administering the suppository is not recommended.


    Are any sensations or symptoms cause for concern?

    In the event you experience strong, persistent pain in your digestive tract greater than 6 out of 10 on the pain scale, and lasting longer than two days, stop taking the regimen and call your doctor. 


    Are any sensations or symptoms cause for concern?

    In the event you experience strong, persistent pain in your digestive tract greater than 6 out of 10 on the pain scale, and lasting longer than two days, stop taking the regimen and call your doctor. 


    I’ve noticed that a few hours after applying the suppository, some cocoa butter drips out when I use the bathroom. Is this normal? Am I still getting the full effects?

    Some leakage is normal and to be expected. Not all the cacao butter will be absorbed and it’s normal that it comes out with your next trip to the toilet. As long as it doesn’t come out immediately after you insert it, the bacteria will have time to adhere to the mucus layer of your gut.

    What is happening in my body when I take each part?

    The probiotic capsules and suppository introduce beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract in high amounts and concentration so that these beneficial bacteria can colonize your gut. The prebiotic powder introduces fiber that the probiotic bacteria ferment and produce beneficial compounds, including short chain fatty acids. It also has vitamins and nutrients important to support a healthy gut lining and immune system, which also contributes to a healthy gut.

    All about suppositories:


    Will the suppository hurt?

    The suppositories have a natural cocoa butter base, which self-lubricates when exposed to your body heat. If you’re having trouble, take a deep breath and try to find a more comfortable position or suppository angle.


    What if the suppository breaks or crumbles

    If it breaks into less than three pieces, try to reassemble it and gently ease it into place. We’ve included an extra one for you (in the clear carrying case) in case you need it. In theory, you could mold it back into its “torpedo” shape. If it breaks in two, you could try inserting both pieces, one after the other, if it is still comfortable. 


    What if I can’t get the suppository in? Can I try a different position? 

    You can try standing and putting one leg up on a chair. Generally laying on your left side with your right knee to your chest is best, simply due to anatomy. If you’re having trouble, try to relax the muscles around your bum, take a few deep breaths, and don’t be afraid! It should not hurt when applied correctly.


    How deep does it have to be? 

    As far as you feel comfortable inserting it. Inserting it higher will improve the ability of the probiotics to migrate to more of your intestinal tissue. However, inserting it 2 centimeters is sufficient for the suppository to melt and coat your intestinal walls.


    Can I use a lubricant? 

    Try applying the suppository without it. It’s a lot easier than you’d think! The base of the suppository is cocoa butter and thus will start to melt and self-lubricate when it comes into contact with your skin.


    What if I suddenly have to poop or pee and the suppository falls out? 

    You have one extra suppository, so you can insert another. Try to poop and/or pee before inserting the suppository and going to bed. 


    When is the best time to apply the suppository?

    It's best to apply the suppository after your last bowel movement of the day. That way, your intestines are clear of obstruction and the probiotics can more readily migrate to new parts of your gut. The second best time to apply your suppository is before bed. When you lay down, the bacteria have gravity on their side-it’s easier for them to travel up the intestinal mucosal wall.


    Will the suppository leak out during the day/night?

    It should not. Your digestive system is accustomed to controlling your bowel movements, regardless of their consistency. If you are concerned you might leak at night before the suppository is fully absorbed, wear underwear to bed (or use a panty-liner).

    I got some cocoa butter on my clothing or sheets. Does it wash out?

    Yes. Cocoa butter washes out of clothing and fabric easily with most laundry detergent effective against fats and oils.

    I had a little bit of suppository on my finger and it got into my eye/mouth/nose. Is this dangerous?

    The cocoa butter and probiotics are not harmful to your eye, but if it disturbs you, flush your eye with lukewarm water.

    How important is it to wash your hands after applying the suppository?

    It’s best to wash your hands or use some sort of a cleaning wipe after application - your fingers may come into contact with some bad bacteria that may have been lingering around your bum during application.


    Guidance to make the most of your biotikur regimen:


    What are some things I can do to increase effectiveness of the regimen?

    • Slowly incorporate as many diverse fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet as possible. Limit your consumption of sugar, high-fat and processed foods. 
    • Keep your body and bowels moving! Incorporate physical activity throughout your day and avoid sitting for long periods of time. 
    • Make meal-time stress free, avoiding rushed eating and multitasking if possible. This will facilitate proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.
    • Incorporate a stress reduction practice in your daily life, such as meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. This will not only improve your mental health but also your physical health, including better digestion.


    Why do I need to limit alcohol consumption?

    Limit, reduce or avoid alcohol consumption during the regimen, as it may inflame the tissues lining your gut, making them friendlier to bad bacteria. If you do drink alcohol we suggest red wine for its beneficial polyphenol content. Excessive or “binge” alcohol consumption causes inflammation in the gut and may facilitate overgrowth of bad bacteria, while reducing the number of good ones.


    What should I NOT eat/drink/consume during this time? 

    Apart from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid making drastic changes to your diet while taking biotikur as you may feel additional digestive symptoms. Also, avoid taking supplements containing zinc and selenium, since you will be getting your daily dose in the prebiotic powder. Reduce alcohol to an occasional 1-2 drinks per day, preferring red wine when possible. Generally avoid processed foods, refined sugar, and eat fewer animal products.