• A balanced gut is finally within reach.

    A balanced gut is finally within reach

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Gut health is good health.

You're half mom, half dad (and half bacteria!)

You have more bacteria in your body than human cells. You got them from your mom and dad when you were born­—and your dog, when he slobbered all over you.

And thank goodness you did!

Your gut microbiome is a super-organ that keeps you healthy.

Our bold and evidence-based products are designed to support a healthy gut so you can heal from the inside-out.

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biotikur 14-day regimen contains innovative rectal application of probiotics (suppositories), as well as oral probiotic capsules and prebiotic powder to strengthen and diversify your microbiome and improve your gut health.

Our evidence-based oral + colorectal regimens improve the long-term balance of the gut

biotikur powerfully balances your gut

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Gut health is good health.

A balanced gut microbiome supports:

Better Digestion

Fitness and Weight

Mental Health

Balance your gut microbiome and take control of your body.

Research and development funded by generous contributions from the European Social Fund and the city of Berlin.