• Stronger biome, better life.

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Your body, your control.

Frustrated by ignorance of gut health?
You are not alone.

Struggling with issues from an imbalanced gut? 
A healthy gut is finally within reach.

Our evidence-based oral + colonic regimens improve the long-term balance of the gut

Oral probiotics are great! But they won't balance your gut

biotikur powerfully balances your gut

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Learn more about colonic probiotics

Seventy percent of your gut biome is in your sigmoid colon - 10 centimeters from your bum. 

Since there's no acid or bile to kill them off, colonic probiotics get straight to work balancing your gut.

Look, probiotics in your bum is pretty funny - we get it ;)

But the science is darn serious. 

If you're serious about your gut health too, it's time to head south!

You're half mom, half dad (and half bacteria!)


Gut health is good health.

A balanced gut biome supports:

Better Digestion

Fitness and Weight

Mental Health

Balance your gut biome and take control of your body.