We believe

biotikur exists to serve a simple ethos: balance for well-being.

Balance for well-being in our communities and our natural world. Balance in your gut for well-being of body and mind.

Balance between these areas is quite elegantly connected:

A healthy gut is a balance between you and the trillions of bacteria inside you, supported by a diet full of diverse plants and low in processed and animal foods.

But balance in your gut can also help create a healthier, more sustainable world. In addition to being more nutritious, plant foods use fewer resources, create less pollution and cause less suffering.

We created biotikur balance because gut issues affected us and our loved ones.

We found that even the most well-meaning and well-informed people like you struggle to eat enough whole fruits and vegetables. Only five percent of people in the West eat the minimum recommended amount of fiber, and most of us lack enough different plants in our diets.

To help you towards balance in your gut biotikur products are designed to support you on your gut health journey in both the short and long-term.

As for balance in the world, our ethos affects every choice we make. We make evidence-based products balanced with openness and empathy for everyone's personal experience of well-being.

We use sustainable materials and organic ingredients whenever possible, and make our products here in Germany.

And we pledge to do even more because we believe everything and everyone is connected. A portion of every purchase you make supports organizations that promote consciousness, empathy and awareness.

We hope biotikur can help bring you closer to the balance you seek.

We look forward to serving you.

To your good gut health,
team biotikur


We believe:

1. You have the right to be the protagonist of your health journey
  • If you make the effort to understand your health and actively improve it, you should be encouraged, guided and supported.
  • Health and wellness should be more than "sick care." We're part of a growing movement against a broken system that only treats acute illness at the surface and discourages patient involvement.
  • Everyone should be empowered to take proactive health and wellness measures with a reasonable basis - even if the medical establishment hasn't mainstreamed them yet.
2. Evidence and sound science advance and guide our health journeys
  • Too many businesses take advantage of our desire for better health by selling poorly-supported products with irresponsible claims.
  • We can improve health outcomes as well as safety by promoting science literacy in our community. We believe in products that facilitate better health as well as inform our customers, so we can all make healthier decisions in over time.

3. Your gut biome may be as important to your everyday well-being as your DNA - maybe even more

  • Scientists are constantly making new discoveries about the critical role of the human microbiome in the human experience.
    • By some estimates, up to 90% of serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter that regulates mood and well-being, is produced in the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Emerging evidence suggests the gut biome plays a determining role in metabolism and body composition.
    • Studies have demonstrated a relationship between gut biome composition and various psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, mood disorders and autism.
  • Though research into the gut biome is ongoing, its contribution to health and disease is far greater than we currently know. Its composition and modification could be therapeutic for any number of illnesses and facilitate better health.


We value:

Openness and Humility:

  • Everyone is on their own health journey. People who ask questions, try to improve their own health and wellness, and help others in good faith are part of the solution. Some things that work for others might not work for us and vice versa. The body is a series of complex systems we are only beginning to understand. But we remain non-judgmental, keep an open mind, and try to learn from everyone.

Empowering and enabling others:

  • It isn’t about us. We believe in enabling human potential - not only by helping our customers build, strengthen and maintain their microbiome, but also doing the same for our team and communities.

Honesty, transparency and integrity:

  • We always act in an honest, direct and transparent way. If we say it, we believe it. If we sell it, we stand behind it.


  • Our product innovations come from science, logic, daring, and respect for the human spirit. We think for ourselves, call out the medical-pharmaceutical complex when it falls short, and maintain openness to emerging therapies.
  • We’re driven by a hunger to improve people’s lives and do meaningful and impactful work. This means following the evidence where it leads and sharing the latest beneficial ideas and therapies with our community.
  • We refuse to accept a world where effective health and wellness innovations take ages to get into people’s hands, or remain the exclusive domain of the wealthy.